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 "We seek to meet the needs of parents caring for children with disabilities." 

Volunteer FAQs

We are excited to be hosting Camp Trusted Parents 2022! While we are confident in our plan to operate this summer, we know that policies and protocols are subject to change as guidelines evolve. We will do our best to communicate updates in a timely manner for all participants.

How will volunteer positions differ in 2022 from past summers?

The heart of volunteering at Camp Trusted Parents will be the same as ever! There will still be safety precautions put in place to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

This is a daytime position where individuals will help support the operation of camp

activity areas, such as Arts and Crafts, Team Adventure, Outdoor Extreme, and Creative Arts. Day

volunteers will work together to keep activity areas clean, organized, and well supplied.

Who is eligible to apply as a volunteer for the 2022 Summer Camp Program?

Volunteer eligibility requirements:

  1. Prior experience working with children with special healthcare needs (preferred but not required)
  2. Must be at least 17 years of age
  3. Can successfully wear a mask throughout the day.
  4. Volunteers must be able to provide their own transportation to and from camp, including early departure from the session if necessary.
  5. CPR and First Aid Certifications (preferred but not required)

Volunteer eligibility will depend on the successful completion of an online application – including but not limited to a background check, references, volunteer service agreement, health and immunization

information, child abuse and maltreatment declaration, consent for medical treatment, and interview.

Volunteer Application Process

How does the volunteer application process work for the 2022 Summer Camp Program?

All volunteers must submit an online application. We will conduct interviews, review references, and determine applicants’ eligibility. Applicants selected for volunteering will be notified to complete Part 2 of the volunteer application process. This includes submitting a more detailed application, a physical, immunization record, and current TB test, and successfully clearing a criminal background check and a "National Sex Offender Registry" check.

When will I know if I have a position in the 2022 Summer Camp Program?

We aim to notify everyone about the status of their volunteer application at the beginning of May.

Volunteer Mandatory Training Dates & Schedule

Training Day 1: Saturday, May 21

Training Day 2: Sunday, May 22

Mandatory Parent Orientation: Saturday, June 4

How will this summer differ from summers in the past?

We will host eight weekly summer sessions that are five days each. The daily camp schedule will remain relatively intact; however, campers will participate more small group outdoor activities. 

Safety Protocols (COVID Protocols will be updated as we get closer to the start of camp)

Are volunteers required to receive the vaccine before participating in the 2022 Summer Camp Program?

No. However, all volunteers are required to provide proof of a negative COVID test dated no more than 2 days before arriving onsite for the 2022 summer camp program.

What COVID-19 precautions will be required of volunteers this summer?

Before Arriving at Camp: Volunteers will be asked to self-monitor for symptoms, avoid large gatherings,

maintain physical distance, and wear a mask when around others in the two weeks prior to arriving at

camp. We ask that everyone help in sanitizing common areas and maintaining personal hygiene through proper hand washing and coughing techniques.

What happens if a volunteer shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at Camp Trusted Parents?

If a volunteer shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while onsite, the volunteer will be relieved from their duties immediately and sent home. We will work in accordance with our local Department of Health to notify and/or isolate necessary individuals who may had potential contact with the person.

If I have been vaccinated against COVID-19, will I need a negative test before arriving at camp?

Yes. Individuals who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must also provide a negative COVID test as a precaution. 

Do you have questions about volunteering? Email your questions to, [email protected].